Disclaimer: LauraBranigan.com 


Our sole purpose in relaunching LauraBranigan.com is to provide a place for fans to discover new content, explore Laura’s official catalog of music videos and albums, and learn about Laura’s life and career.

LauraBranigan.com was founded in 1998 with the support of Laura. This is backed up by testimony of close friends and fans of Laura, along with remaining voicemail recordings of Laura discussing what she liked about the site. 

2005 WIPO Domain Dispute


 In 2005 a WIPO dispute over the domain “LauraBranigan.com” was filed by the owners of “LauraBraniganOnline.com” – Claiming that LauraBranigan.com was using the “Laura Branigan” name in violating of trademark. After a thorough review, this complaint was subsequently denied, allowing the continued operation of LauraBranigan.com.


The full complaint and decision can be viewed here:  

WIPO Decision